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Jason Walz

"This is about as strong a debut as they come...I wouldn't be surprised if Walz becomes a seminal name in the industry within the next five or ten years." Click here to read the full review.


"Beautiful and heartbreaking. The story will touch the hearts of anybody who reads it, and maybe help a few broken ones find the courage to mend."

-TERRY MOORE, Strangers in Paradise

"Heartfelt, touching, honest, open, and sweet."


"Jason Walz is a cartoonist with a fresh voice and an incredible grasp of what makes a story tick. You don't so much read his work as let it wash over you like a really great song or poem. I can't wait to see what he does next!"

-JEFF LEMIRE, Essex County, Sweet Tooth

"It's head-and-shoulders above most debut efforts I've seen, including my own."

-GENE YANG, American Born Chinese

"...the honesty of these feelings is portrayed so eloquently in the simple panels that anyone who has a soul is going to connect." Click here to read the full review.


"...three days into the new year and we already have a winner for best book of the year...There are precious few books out there with the potential to make you a better human being, and this is on that list" Click here to read the full review.


"It is a caring and heartfelt memoir that touches on realities related to bereavement, anxiety, and 'moving on.'" Click here for the full review.


"It’s not often you read a small press comic and the first thing you find yourself thinking is 'This guy is going to be the next Craig Thompson'...I’ve a feeling that this will be one of the best small press titles I read all year long. Grade A+." click here for the full review.


"In terms of narrative structure, thematic structure and emotional structure, this is a strong, effective and touching book and a solid debut." click here for the full review.

-HIGH-LOW by Rob Clough