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Jason Walz



After nearly four years hunched over a drawing table, gallons of ink, hundreds of pencils, and countless podcasts consumed, the Last Pick trilogy is coming to an end. The third book comes out October 6th. It's called Last Pick: Rise Up, and I couldn't be more excited! The entire story ended up being nearly 800 pages, and I'm really proud of it.

To bring as much attention to this series as possible before it wraps up, I'm putting together the Last Pick Launch Team (or the LPLT if you're nasty). I'm hoping to bring on 50-100 people willing to post short honest reviews of the books and to help get the word out. I list some of the expectations below, but before we dive into that, let's talk about the good stuff.

Let's talk free swag!

For anyone that participates in the Last Pick Street Team, you will have access to PDF versions of each of the books in the trilogy. That includes the third book which you will receive WEEKS before it hits the shelves.

A free autographed paperback edition of Last Pick: Rise Up sent to you just after the books releases on October 6th!

A free 11x17 poster!

A page proof for Last Pick: Rise Up! These are extremely unique and are usually only seen by the creator, and the editorial/marketing team. They are essentially printed on office paper and offer us the chance to fix any art or text mistakes just before the book is sent off to be printed and bound. There is only one per page of the book in existence.



If you haven't yet read Last Pick, and Last Pick: Born to Run, read it during this month and write a short, honest review on Amazon (and Goodreads if possible). If you need a PDF of the books, I will have them available for you.

Help get the word out! Reach out to others about Last Pick via social media at least twice this month. If you are having difficulty knowing what to post, I will send out ideas via e-mail.

I will send each of you a PDF of Last Pick: Rise Up so that you have plenty of time to read it before its publication October 6th.

A video chat with you and/or anyone else that you would like to invite. 


Sometime during this month, write-up your short, honest review for Last Pick: Rise Up and save it so that it is ready to post on October 6th.

Do two more social media posts to help spread the word about Last Pick and to encourage others to preorder Last Pick: Rise Up.

I will send each of you the 11x17 poster.


For anyone that is able to do anything above and beyond to help promote the series, I will send you a one of a kind page proof from Last Pick: Rise Up. I'm open to whatever creative ideas you might have. Here are just a few thoughts, but I would love to see what you have in mind!

  • Reach out to an "influencer" that you think might be interested in the books.
  • Talk to a librarian or bookstore employee about ordering them for their collection.
  • Get an acquaintance to leave reviews for the books on Amazon (and Goodreads if possible).
  • Talk to a school about ordering the series and let them know that I have a reading guide available (you can get this from me also).


This is it! It's launch time!

One more social media post reminding everyone that Last Pick: Rise Up comes out October 6th.

Post your review of Last Pick: Rise Up on Amazon on October 6th (and Goodreads if possible).

I will send each of you an autographed copy of Last Pick: Rise Up shortly after the publication date once you post your review.